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Artist Statement

    Lisandra is a Parsons graduate who has her Bachelors in Fine Arts. She was born and raised in NY, NY. She is now based in Brooklyn. She has been curating with Friday Studio Gallery since 2013. Her work is trying to evoke a sublime feeling, that is also visually pleasing. Her inspiration comes from trying to create a meditative state of mind. Similiar to the trance she gets into when creating the works, she wants the feeling to transfer over to the viewer. 


    Lisandra's works are focused on trying to create an experience rather than depicting an image loaded with subjective information. The artist is interested in exploring small dimensions that are unintentionally created while working with a repetitive shape. What happens when the body and hand are put on auto pilot, leaving the mind to wander?  What nuances and errors occur, what shape or form will this image take? The artist has discovered that by treating a drawing as organic and freely as so, the end result resembles microscopic organisms and or an engulfing ambience. Small living organisms that take on a life of their own, they are all in connection with one another, and seem to be in constant flow.


     The artist appreciates art work that requires time and patience, which is why every single detail in these works are individually drawn. These subtle drawings require its viewer to pay close attention to each small element that has made this atmospheric world. The objective when viewing this art works is to be transported to a peaceful place where nothing matters except the connection that is being created between the viewer and the art.

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